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Company Profile
Keep up with the pace of changes brought about by political and economic integration, and contribute to the lubricant of the whole society

York Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive import supplier dedicated to the procurement, sales and related after-sales services of special lubricants and greases. Over the past few years, through the unremitting efforts of all employees, the sales volume of lubricating oil has achieved a breakthrough leap, and it has gradually become one of the well-known domestic lubricating oil suppliers.

For a long time, the company has been adhering to the operation tenet of "management innovation, integrity-based, small profits but quick turnover, and mutual benefit", and has established a world-class international logistics network under the premise of ensuring that all products are imported with original packaging. By directly connecting with manufacturers, we have saved intermediate costs, provided customers with more affordable prices and services, and won recognition from people inside and outside the industry and built a good reputation.

At present, our product range has expanded to more than 60 brands, we have more than 40 direct cooperative companies around the world, and have established long-term good cooperative relations with dozens of well-known brand manufacturers. At the same time, our service scope has covered more than a dozen industries and fields including machinery, aerospace, drilling platforms, wind power, electronics, and chemicals.

company culture
  • our vision
    Become the most competitive comprehensive lubricant supplier
  • Our goal
    With the spirit of pioneering, innovative and enterprising, we will continuously improve our core competitiveness, and create a more brilliant future with the most sincere and trustworthy service.
  • our mission
    Customer-centric, reputation-based

Direct mining at the place of origin

In the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and other European and American lubricating oil brand origins, directly purchase with factories

Full range of products and preferred prices

Full range of products and preferred prices

Through direct supply from the origin, reduce the cost of multiple agents and logistics links, and give customers more competitive prices

team professional

Team Professionl

The scope of services has covered more than ten industries and fields such as machinery, aerospace, wind power, automobiles, and military industry, and has accumulated a lot of experience in lubricating oil supply, selection and replacement

safe logistics

Safe logistics

Provide a variety of safe and reliable logistics options such as aviation, China Railway Express, and sea transportation to meet the diverse logistics needs of customers

  • Direct mining at the place of origin
  • Full range of products and preferred prices
  • Team Professionl
  • Safe logistics
  • Honor
  • Honor
  • Honor
  • Honor
  • Honor
  • Honor
  • Honor
  • 2014.8
    Company established
  • 2015.6
    France Molydal agent in China
  • 2015.8
    Designated supplier of Tangit products under Henkel George Fitcher
  • 2017
    Italy Eni Authorized Agent
  • 2018.8
    Authorized agent of Tectyl in South Korea
  • 2018.12
    Swiss MotoRex Authorized Distributor
  • 2019.12
    Authorized agent of Tunap in Germany
  • 2021.4
    Authorized agent of France Total
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