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Omala S2 G 220

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  • Product Category

    Industrial closed gear oil

  • Packing Specifications

    1KG 18KG 180KG

product description
Product Details:

Shell Omala S2G lubricants are high-quality extreme pressure lubricants specially designed for lubricating heavy-duty industrial gears. Shell Omala S2G has high negative pressure carrying capacity and low friction characteristics, and has excellent performance.


For enclosed industrial gear systems, Shell Omala S2G lubricants are specially designed to enable trouble-free operation in most enclosed industrial gearboxes, from steel spur to helical.

Shell Omala S2G contains high-efficiency extreme pressure (EP) additives and can be used in heavy-duty gear systems.

Shell Omala S2G oils are suitable for the lubrication of bearings and other components in circulating and splash lubrication systems.

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