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Castrol Tribol CH 290/220

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    Conveyor belt lubricant

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    1KG 18KG 180KG

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Product Details:

Castrol Tribol CH 290 (formerly Tribol 290 Series) chain oils are formulated using high quality synthetic oils. This product is suitable for the lubrication of conveyor belt chains and open roller bearings in high temperature paint ovens in the automotive and metal lithography industries.


Tribol CH 290 can lubricate any chain and open roller bearings where compatibility with water-based paints and coatings is critical.

Tribol CH 290 is recommended for use in oven temperatures from 150°C (a302°F) to 220°C (a428°F). As temperatures increase, increase the number of recoats, not the number of coats.

Tribol CH 290 is most suitable for use in automotive production lines, which typically include cathodic electrodeposition using an oven, water-based spraying (coating), drying and curing. These operations typically involve immersing the parts on an overhead moving conveyor in a bath. Dripping lubricant can contaminate production and process tanks. However, if Tribol CH 290 drops into a water-based process bath, it will self-dissolve and disperse, preventing contaminants from building up or affecting coatings or electrodeposition.

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